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  • Rising Above: Breaking Barriers and Embracing Our Dreams

    Hello Warrior Women, I am one of you, a woman who has stared adversity in the face and said, “I will not be defeated.” I’m a single mother, a woman in tech, an Asian woman from the Bengali community, and an overcomer of homelessness, depression, anxiety and sexual abuse. My journey has been far from…


  • Holy Rage and the Divine Feminine

    Why Women Must Embrace and Channel Their Anger It’s a familiar narrative that society has conditioned women to believe: anger is a ‘bad’ emotion, aggressive and unsightly. For years, women have found themselves suppressing this emotion in a bid to fit the ill-fitting moulds handed down by society. As a professional woman, I have experienced…


  • The Global Power of Women Uniting for Change

    Sometimes, we hear of one person sparking great change. However, the mightiest transformations often spring from groups of people uniting for a common cause. This rings especially true for women sharing a vision and collectively striving to reshape the world. The image of a single strong warrior is inspiring, yet the power of many unified…


  • Feminism in 2023: An Undeniable Force for Equality

    In the fast-paced world of 2023, one question echoes through the corridors of our collective consciousness: “Is feminism still relevant?” The answer roars back, undeniable and unequivocal – a resounding ‘yes’. While we’ve taken monumental strides toward gender equality, the journey isn’t over. Feminism – our stalwart champion advocating for equality across all genders –…


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